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Journal articles about health care reform

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journal articles about health care reform
  1. The average age of associate nursing professors is 52, and the average assistant professor is 49, while the average age of medical school faculty is between 50 and 59. For example, if a physician declines to give a patient a painkiller refill because of concern about misuse, "what happens if that then reflects on my HCAHPS scores and then I need a service coach? If doctors learn to communicate better with their patients, it can lead to higher quality health care—and lower costs.
  2. Studies show even a brief training course using the model for doctors with low patient survey scores has the potential to improve patient-doctor interactions as reported by patients. We are in the midst of significant change in the world of health care. Response to rising health care costs, more companies are shifting more financial. If doctors learn to communicate better with their patients, it can lead to higher quality health care—and lower costs.
  3. Department of Commerce DOC USA This report presents statistics on health insurance coverage in the United States in 2014, and on changes in coverage between 2013 and 2014. Retaining talent will require extensive human resource planning and incentivizing through benefits, education and career advancement, profit sharing, and workforce protections. Health Affairs is the leading peer reviewed journal at the intersection of health, health care, and policy

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journal articles about health care reform

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